QA Approvals

QA Approvals

Documented quality system ISO9001 approved. FMEA and SPC facilities. The quality system ensures that the resources and systems are in place to provide evidence of conformance for the customer requirements and for the assessment body. We will also meet any requirements of CAA approvals when requested, even developing project specific procedures to cover customer requirements.

The MRP System provides all the information required to complete the necessary processes to manufacture rubber mouldings to consistently meet the customers requirements. The rubber mouldings are designed to be trimmed either cryogenically (freeze trimming) or by hand, either at the press during manufacturing or in the finishing department by our team of trained product finishers.

The Special Process department is equipped to carry out a number of off-line processes including greasing, washing and chalking rubber mouldings in our tumbling machines, colour coding, glueing, punching, drilling, slitting, buffing and finishing. Accurate dimension finishes with the aid of Econecut machines. Post curing. Screen printing can also be facilitated.

The fully trained inspection personnel inspect the rubber mouldings before releasing them for shipment to the customers. We have the facilities to check the rubber mouldings when required for critical dimension, hardness and conductivity in our onsite laboratory.

Consignments are despatched to customers using our approved couriers Europe or world-wide. If required, it can be arranged for the customer to collect their own rubber mouldings. All packages have detailed information of the contents including customer's part number, quantity, cure date, life group, use by date etc. Bar-coding is carried out throughout the whole manufacturing process.

Special individual engraving or screenprinting can also be undertaken. Certificates of Conformance are available upon request.


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